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You have no appreciation for simple music. Simple Plan's Jet Lag is a good song. Not the best. Granted. But it's good.

Before you tell me I have no clue what good music is, don't waste your breath. I listen to anything.

Question, what do you think is good music? I'm seriously curious.


"Simple music" huh? *face palm* Do you even know what simple means? Simple is synonymous with retarded, genius. Of course I don’t like it. Look, I’m not going to be harsh on you. The point of this blog is to help people differentiate between what’s okay and what’s a total fucking abomination. Here are bands that you should listen to that may help you grow as not only a music listener, but as person as well. The most important thing to do is listen with an open mind. If you’re thinking about kissing me the whole time it will take away from your experience.

Also, you mentioned that you know what “good music is”, because you “listen to anything”. Not a well conceived argument my dear. For Example, just because I say something like “I’d fuck anything” doesn’t mean I’m a connoisseur of boning; it just means I have no standards. Understand what I mean? It’s being selective that makes us truly discerning individuals.

Albums you might like if you like Simple Plan

Once you feel like you can slightly veer from the pop-punk/rock music world, feel free to try these songs. Don’t listen to these until you have at least tried the above because your palate will not be ready.

What I’ve given you is merely a thimble full of knowledge; let me know If you want more. To quote a popular book I once read a few pages of, “Ask and ye shall receive”.

Try reading the rest of my blog; It contains bands that I think are decent as well.

On a side note, your impetuousness gives away your gender.

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