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AWESOME NEWS - “3OH!3” Release New … Song?

I honestly can’t think of less talented musicians that are this popular. Who are 3OH!3? I mean like what trust fund allows them to make music? Who’s dad is in the record industry? Neither of them can sing, their beats are soooo boring, and it sounds like they use all the default settings on their samples. Fucking zero creativity. Anyway, to be short this “new” (played out style) song is terrible as expected, and will hopefully be featured on their last album.

Final Rating:

Don’t listen to 3OH!3/100

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"The Downtown Fiction" are AWESOME!

This is probably even more pointless than Hey Monday announcing their break up, but The Downtown Fiction have released a new song. It sounds like Sugar Ray meets the Jonas Brothers. If that’s not a formula for success then i don’t know what is. Why write bad pop songs when you can write absolutely horrible pop songs and make more money. Ah, Who am I kidding, even 12 year old girls won’t listen to this crap. Really Photo Finish Records … this is who you want on you roster?

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AWESOME NEWS: Falling In Reverse Release New Song/Kick out guitar player

Falling in reverse

You can listen to the outdated and underwhelming debut song by Falling In Reverse “Raised by Wolves” here. There’s not much to say about this song. It’s so mediocre that it doesn’t even get a reaction from me. I’d rather hate a song than just shrug my shoulders at it.

What’s more important to note is that the drama has already started for these guys. Apparently Ronnie has already kicked out Nason or Nasty or whatever his dumb band alias name was. The best part about this is that in Ronnie’s own words Nason "was his brother" and "had his back" the whole time he was in prison. And to repay Nason for all his friendship Ronnie had this to say.


Bahahahahahahaha!!!! I love it. I can’t wait until this band breaks up. Oh, and in case you don’t know which super lame played out scene kid is Nason, he’s the tool in the back.

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AWESOME REVIEW: All Time Low - I Feel Like Dancin’

I knew this band was going downhill, I just didn’t know they were headed off a fucking cliff. In the age of “dance anthems”, where MALE singers proclaim their love for letting it all go on the floor, All Time Low has just set foot at the top of shit mountain. Not only is this song absolutely atrocious, but the video is a complete and unfunny rip-off of Blink-182’s ”All The Small Things”.

Final Verdict


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AWESOME REVIEW - That’s Outrageous! - “Teenage Scream”

That's Outrageous

Well, fuck me. Music has reached a new low. I never thought I’d find a band worse than Dot Dot Curve, but That’s Outrageous! you deserve a round of applause for your song “Teenage Scream”, which you can listen to here or below. (Listen to the whole song no matter how much it hurts.)

First of all, I’m not even convinced a single member of this “band” can play an instrument; hence, these videos being pulled down. 

That’s Outrageous! Live Part 1

That’s Outrageous! First Live Show

I know I joke a lot but seriously listen to this fucking song. 90% of this song is made up of a single note being looped with a base drum for a metronome. I shouldn’t have to explain why the breakdown isn’t considered playing an instrument either, so I won’t.

Secondly, about the style of “music”. Just so everyone knows, you can’t play the “experimental” or “creative” card here. This is just plain terrible songwriting. Let’s say you’re a chef and it’s your job to make pasta sauce. If you simply threw in random ingredients like ice-cream, raisins, and tuna, people would call you a fucking moron and you wouldn’t have a job. So, before you run around defending this band or telling people that “they just don’t get it” think of what I just wrote, and save yourself before everyone finds out you’re an ignorant embarrassment to everything that is human progress. 

Final Verdict


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AWESOME REVIEW - Set Your Goals “Exit Summer”

Looks like Set Your Goals has been bumping a ton of Vanessa Carlton in their tour van. If you can make it to 1:20 without falling asleep during this snoozefest you’ll see what I mean. Here is Vanessa’s video in case you don’t immediately realize how blatant of a rip off this is. As for the beginning of the song, here’s a little tip for you guys, shouting the same note while fitting in as many words as possible doesn’t make a song seem anymore intense; you just sound like the fucking micro machine guy. BTW, I hear Tailor Swift has some pretty catchy melodies; when you’re done with Vanessa maybe you can use some of hers.

Final Verdict


Yes, that’s a negative.

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